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Frequently Asked Questions

Round Library

How much can I get? 

The maximum amount is $2,500 per academic year, half of which is awarded each semester. Awards are renewable, some recipients have received $10,000 over a four-year period. If you carry less than a full academic load, the amount is reduced accordingly. 

Do I qualify?

Scholarships are awarded to people who are graduating or have recently graduated from high school in Henderson County, NC and who would have to pay 'out of state' tuition to attend public college in NC due to their immigration status. (The scholarship can be used for private or public schools in any state.) Basically this encompasses undocumented individuals. While many applicants have DACA status, it is not required. 

How does the Committee decide who gets the Scholarships? 

The Committee reviews the application and selects based on criteria including GPA, class ranking, test scores, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, essay content, and financial need. After review, the Committee then invites candidates in for a brief interview before selecting the recipients.

How do I apply?  

Head over to our Apply page and check out the details and deadlines there. Good luck!

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