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Education for All

Helping make higher education more accessible to hard working students who deserve financial help without regard to immigration status. 

History & Mission

Since 2001, the US Congress has made at least ten attempts to pass a DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act; all of which failed. Given that failure at a national level coupled with NC law that requires any undocumented person attending a public college or university pay "out of state" tuition rates which can be four times the in state rate - a group of Henderson County churches formed the DREAM Scholarship Committee in 2012. 

Together this all-volunteer group administers the scholarship program with financial management being handled by the Community Foundation of Henderson County. By the 2022-23 academic year we will have made dreams come true for almost 50 recipients. Four of our recipients received the awards each of their four years.


Any organization, business, or individual that desires to do so can become a member of the DREAM committee by donating the $1,250 annual sponsorship fee. The group also accepts donations designated for "DREAM" Scholarship on the checks memo line via the Community Foundation of Henderson County. The Committee also hosts an annual fundraising breakfast each Spring.  

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