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DREAM Scholars

Scholarship program for undocumented

Henderson County, NC students. 

About the DREAM Scholarship

The DREAM Scholarship awards up to $2,500 per year to people in Henderson County, NC to attend public or private college. Applicants are those who have come to the United States as children, grown, and been educated here but have an undocumented status. While many DREAM applicants have DACA status, it is not required. Want to know more? Check out our FAQ link below.


Scholars Past & Present

Meet some of the scholarship winners and hear how it has benefited them. 


Meet Lizbeth

“The Dream scholarship has given me more security as I work towards my
bachelor’s degree. It has also been a source of encouragement knowing that there are people in my hometown that are giving back to Hendersonville’s Latinx
community and the ways that it has changed in the pandemic. This experience has
shown me the power of community.”


Meet Luis

"I cannot wait to graduate with my Nursing License and serve
the great people of this beautiful community. I know I speak not only
for myself but for everyone who benefits from this scholarship when
I say Thank You. Thank you for your compassion for others and your
interest in helping those who will eventually become great members
of society.”


Meet Roman

“The scholarship seeks to assist students who feel discouraged
and dehumanized as a result of trying to achieve a basic, human
right: an education. It is not only financial assistance, but also a
motivational push for faith and hope. I am beyond grateful for the
committee’s four-year support, guidance, and financial assistance
in my college career."

Alan Oviedo.jpg

Meet Alan

"A huge thank you to you and the Dream Scholarship Committee for supporting me in school. I am very grateful to you all for all your willingness to help me consistently throughout these last few years. This scholarship made it possible for me to receive an education and break the cycle of poverty that many immigrants unfortunately face."

"It is because of this committee’s mission and
representation that I have hope for future generations. Recipients of this scholarship strive to not only represent the committee, but be an influencer to those facing similar challenges. We send a message of encouragement that people and organizations are willing to support our journey to success, despite the barriers we

Roman, Scholarship Award Winner 

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